What are Covears, anyway?

We are glad you asked! Covears are fabric covers for the ears on your favorite Mickey Mouse® ear hat. This newest Disney hat accessory finally gives you the ability to customize your ear hats to match your personality, mood, or outfit in the park. They slip on easily, and remove even easier, so you are always have a fresh look.

Swap 'em, mix 'em up, pair one color with another - there is no wrong way to wear Covears!

Do the hats come with Covears?

No, sorry. We only sell Covears as a companion to the hat you already purchased from Disney® - or intend to. We use the hat in our images only to show you what they look like, sorry for any confusion there!

How easy are Covears to put on and take off?

Covears are as simple to put on as a pair of socks - and even easier to remove! When putting them on, you may find it easier to pin one side of your Covears to the side of your mouse ear with a finger, while gently stretching the opening over the ear, pulling your Covears on as you go. It might take a few tries to do it as nimbly as we do, but you'll get it in no time!

I've Got some Turkey Leg on my Covears - how to I clean it?

Covears are pretty sturdy, and will wash up great in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes. Just don't put them in the dryer - you can simply lay them out to dry.

What are Covears made from?

Covears are made of a Polyester and Lycra blend that allow for just enough stretch to fit over those mouse ears of yours.

Which hats to Covears fit on?

We have found that the youth and adult size hats have the same size ear, and that is what will fit the best. We will have Covears for the smaller child's hats shortly.

Will Covears fit on my headband-style ears?

Yes! Even though we designed them to fit specifically on the ears attached to the hats, they may not fit tightly on those headband ears that Disney® sells. We have seen customers successfully put them on, specifically over the Minnie Mouse®-themed ones (after snipping the bit of thread holding the bow to the ears), and Covears look pretty snazzy.

We aren't sure about some of the "after market" headband ears that are out there. If they are about 5" in diameter, you should have no problem.

Is there a front and back side to Covears?

Yes - the side that has that fancy garment tag is the back panel, and should be on the back of your ears. Due to the unique shape of these ears, we had to design each panel of fabric to be of different sizes, so the seam of your Covears will fit just right. So make sure when you put them on that the tag is in the back - just like a t-shirt - to ensure that your Covears look great!

My Covears look great, but don't seem to be snug enough ...

Don't panic! We can get through this ...

Is the garment tag inside each Covear on the backside of your ears?

Is the seam on top behind the lip of the ear?

Have you held the top part of the Covear while pulling down on the bottom? (this helps to relax the fabric a bit)

Sometimes, those plastic ears can be of different sizes and thicknesses, causing your Covears to be a bit short or a bit long by about 1/4". This is normal, and we recommend swapping them from one ear to the next. Sometimes all it takes is to be taken off a couple of times and the fabric will relax.

If things still aren't fitting the way you like, please let us know and we will correct this.

Covears are great - do you offer bulk discounts for my family reunion/work outing?

We sure do - email jason@getcovears.com and he will work with you to get what you need.