Covears™ are reusable, designer fabric covers for your favorite pair of Mickey Mouse® ears. We designed Covears with one thing in mind: Fashion! Mix-and-match your favorite ear hat with bold new designs or custom messages ... say what you want to say, with Covears!

Slip them on for a colorful change and explore any Disney® park in style!  Ready for a new look?  Covears™ are easily removable - just pull them off - and slide another set on.  It's a great way to add some fun to your day!

Grab a pair of the only Disney hat accessory today!




Let your Park Style shine with Covears!  Check out the latest in Covears fashion in the store!

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About Us

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

We started Covears as a way to inject our own personal style into our favorite Mickey Mouse ear hats, without doing any damage to them.  After several tries, we came up with Covears!

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No matter where you are in any Disney Park, Covears have you covered!  Check out some photos of folks sporting Covears in their favorite park!

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